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Defrosting system

Use existing energy and add only that really needed to achieve a heat exchange. Complicated fan and air ducting systems have been deliberately excluded.

Defrosting system
Defrosting system

The defrosting process:

The products to be thawed are distributed evenly on trolleys throughout the room. A piece of meat is used to control the equipment. A sensor is installed in the middle of the piece and one on the surface. An additional sensor is placed in the room. The data from these three sensors are transmitted to a microprocessor which calculates and regulates the optimal thawing process.

The defrosting time is set by the user. The energy in the frozen goods freezes a mist which is sent into the room by means of high pressure atomiser jets. Heaters mounted on the floor create an even thermal air flow that supplies the energy for the defrosting process.

The advantages of this patented process:

Defrosting system
  • Energy and water cost reduction of up to 60%
  • Improved hygiene of the thawed product. Surface temperature does not exceed +3 to +4 degrees
Defrosting system
  • Quality of flesh is equal to that of fresh
  • Minimal weight loss


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