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Ergonomic lifter

Have you ever thought about how many tons are moved around in your business? Sausages lifted from work table to smoking wagon, frosters emptied, plastic boxes and cartons stacked and packaging film rolls transported. With continuously changing heights and weights; this is hard physical work for your employees.

Continuous work over long periods is not possible, time is lost and performance falls to match the physical fitness level of the employee. This risk factor can be very expensive in the course of time. A tendency to prolonged back illnesses and the resultant absence of employees are not to be underestimated. We can offer you and your employees THE solution PULLMOBIL – the intelligent lift assistant.

The flexible and multi-facetted system has been specially developed for rapid and reliable movement of loads, particularly in the food industry. Our aim is to enable efficient economic employment of available personnel, which secures jobs and humanises the workplace. Pullmobil extends and supports the movement of the users. It enables anyone, including pregnant women and people with back problems to lift, move and lower weights up to 200kg without any problem.

Ergonomic lifter
Ergonomic lifter

Our Pullmobil is an adaptable, very reliable system that impresses through flexibility, adaptability and efficiency. The application range of Pullmobil guarantees – with the correct load holder and mounting – that work can be carried out in any location and with any product. With an overhead rail system and SPS controls Pullmobil transforms into a virtual robot.


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