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Shower for cooling sausages

Permanently increasing costs for water and sewage have caused many businesses to seek possibilities to reduce water consumption. We’ve developed a new system, Wudu, a patented shower process that operates on the principle of evaporation.

The warm sausages , whether hanging or laying, are sprayed with a micro-fine mist from high pressure atomiser jets which move up and down on a frame in which they’re integrated. Because mist offers a much larger surface area than water, evaporation occurs.The heat energy is drawn from the sausage by this method and it is cooled with a minimum of water use. You save until 95 % in comparison with current systems.

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Special equipment: Wudu with preservatives dosage. Through the low water use, we’re in a position to continuously add preservatives. In the final shower, the preservative is added via a sinter candle and a mixing chamber through a micro-filter. The dosage is regulated from measurement of the pH value.


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