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Assistant "sausage hanging system"

Hanging sausages and rings.

Small Floor Space.


Fast changeover when changing products.

Adjustable to the height of the operating personnel.

Hanging in an upright position, thus gentle on the back.


Ergonomic hanging of sausages and rings

The ideal helper for your sausage production. With the hanging aid, the sausages are placed directly on the smoke skewer at an even distance. In contrast to other systems, the suspension aid does not require length compensation. In any case, the small space requirement and the infinitely variable height adjustment, with which it adapts to any size of person, its the greatest strengths. The simple change of product, must not be ignored which takes place within a few minutes.

As you can see, our hanging aid is a true alternative to manually hanging sausages. And an extension via a connection to the intestinal welding device "Thermo-Fix" is possible at any time.

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