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Assistant "Defrosting System"

Saving of energy and water costs
up to 60 %.

Improved meat hygiene.

Gentle thawing.

Meat quality that is almost indistinguishable from fresh meat.

Also suitable for gentle thawing
of fish.

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Thawing according to the principle of nature

Our Defrosting system guarantees you a gentle thawing, up to 40% energy savings, low nucleation on the thawing material, a meat quality that is almost equivalent to fresh meat and has an extremely low thawing loss and much more.

Our system generates fog with the help of special nozzles, which lays down then as a ripe on the frozen food and deprives of the cold from the core. Your advantage of this defrosting system is that the surface always stays cold.

The optimal defrosting process is controlled by the product to be defrosted. By monitoring surface-, core- and room temperature, the controller regulates the thawing process in such a way that ongoing maturation on the product is maintained. Slowly rotating rotors ensure an evenly distributed temperature in the room.

The defrosting system consists of stainless steel radiators, Rotators, Fog Nozzles, measuring probes and microprocessor control. So it can be installed almost in any room.

Use the principle of nature to defrost and benefit from the many advantages. Our application engineers will be happy to advise you.

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