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Darmschweißgerät, automatisches Verschweißen von Schweinedärme, Schafsdärme, Collagendärme, Wurstdärme verschweißen, Naturdarmschweißmaschine, Acclavis
automatisches schweißen von zwei Würstchen

Assistant "Thermo-Fix"

Casing ends or two sausages are welding and separating in one pass.

Microprocessor with 11 programs for consistently good results.

Temperatures up to + 340° C.

Can be used on the line or as a tabletop unit.

Darmschweißgerät Thermo-Fix
Würstchen schweißen an einer Aufhängelinie, Handtmann, Clips Würstchen, Wurst schweißen, Vemag Maschinenbau

No clips, no knots - welding!

The Thermo-Fix is another innovative member of our assistants for sausage production. The casing welding machine is unique in the automatic sealing of pig, sheep and collagen casings and is used worldwide.


Clipping and knotting is costly, time-consuming, and poses a security risk to your product. The Thermo-Fix is a real enrichment that is worth getting to know. Because the casing welding machine saves the material costs for clips and you save casings and it optimizes your work processes in an ergonomic way. No matter how the casing is in quality, structure and caliber, with its 11 programs, the Thermo-Fix assistant guarantees secure sealing.


Since it is a mobile device, it adapts optimally to your operational conditions. You can work with it either on the table or on a hanging line. It is suitable for large and small production quantities. The entire device consists of two units and is of course completely made of stainless steel and food-approved plastics.

We are happy to demonstrate our "Thermo-Fix" to you. So you have the opportunity to convince yourself on site with your products of the cost-effectiveness and also of the efficiency.

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