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Assistant "Casing Separator"

High standard of hygiene.

For fine and coarse sausage meat.

Easy to use and drivable.

Easy to clean.

Available in 3 Sizes.

AP16 008.jpg

Hygienic separation of casing and sausage meat

As they say so beautifully in the vernacular, „Time is Money“. And since you save time with our casing separator, of course, you can also save money.

Unfortunately, it cannot be avoided that sausages repeatedly burst during production or do not comply with the standard. These sausages are collected in a container and lie in the drained water until stripping.

With our casing separator you simply throw the sausages into the hole tub, which allows the adhering water to drain. These sausages are then pressed out quickly and easily in one pass.

The operation is unprecedentedly simple, and meets a highly hygienic standard. You can not separate sausage meat and casings more efficiently. It doesn’t matter whether your sausage meat is fine or with coarse inlay.

We are sure, if you have ever worked with the casing separator, you will never give it away again.

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