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Assistant "Conveyor Systems"

Conveyors, completely in
stainless steel.

Strap support as desired.

Drum motors.

Special frame: straight-line straps.

Steep conveyors in L- or Z-shape.

Especially for the sausage area or special areas of application.


Everything moves with us!

It doesn‘t matter what you want to move in the production process: We have the solution. Our competent employees leave nothing to be desired when it comes to the solutions of conveyor technology.

The development of our conveyor systems ensures the highest standard of hygiene, which is currently available on the market for treadmills. For example we use special tapes that are easier to clean. Or build our conveyor systems in this way, that you can clean all flats with a high-pressure cleaner.

Find out more about our absolute world first: our assistant "Vertical conveyor". The vertical conveyor is an extremely space-saving conveyor system with many advantages of climbing belts available on the market.

The highlight, he works in a closed system. The products are transported upwards via carriers mounted on the inside of the belt. After a redirection, they fall over a slide or conveyor belt which brings your product to the packaging machine, for example. The Cleaning of the vertical conveyor ensures that both, the inner and outer surfaces, can be foamed and cleaned by means of a high-pressure cleaner.

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