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Assistant "Pullmobil"

Fatigue-free working.

Ergonomic and energy-saving.

Weight-independent lifting up
to 200 kg.

Guidance possible at the load.

Possible in many versions: Variable load bearings, Different mounting options.

There is a high level of safety
when lifting.

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Fatigue-free working without backache

Do you know how many tons you are lifting annually in your company, or transport, or stack and move? It is backbreaking work for your employees. Constantly changing heights and weights represent a high physical load. Continuous work a longer period of time is no longer possible. The performance falls and adapts to the physical condition of the employee. The result is, you become vulnerable for lenghty back diseases and fail therefore.

Here we have the solution: the assistant PULLMOBIL, the intelligent lifting aid.

Our PULLMOBIL is very versatile in use and the mounting options. It offers your employees ergonomic, energy-saving work and lifts up to 100 kg. The special thing about it : That guided tour is directly possible at the load, whereby this can be moved with millimetre precision and simplicity.

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