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Würstchentrennmaschine, Trommelschneider, Würstchen vereinzeln, Würstchen trennen, Suhner Fleischwaren,

Assistant "Trenn-Fix 2.0"

Capacity per hour up to 3,000 kg depending on the product.

Available in 3 sizes.

Applicable for sausages from 3g to 300g.

Highest standard of hygiene.

Safety switch for throw-in and ejection as well as for side plates.

Special equipment for edible acid
or saline

In conjunction with the "Conveyor Technology" many ideal solutions
are possible

Auslauf der Würstchen-Trennmaschine
Würstchen-Trennmaschine für Würstchen in Naturdarm und Collagendarm, bis zu 3.000 kg pro Stunde, für Würstchen von 3g bis 300g

On the sausages, ready, go!

Actually, we no longer have to present our "Trenn-Fix", because Heinrich GmbH has grown up with this machine and the unbeatable performance and flexibility of the machine is known worldwide.

You don't know the sausage cutting machine "Trenn-Fix" yet? Then make up for it now quickly.

Depending on the sausage type and machine size, up to 3,000 kg of sausages are separated per hour! The Trenn-Fix precisely separates any type of sausage. It does not matter whether the sausages are in natural or collagen casings, long or short, straight or curved. Even sausages coming from the cooking plant or lying in Euro crates can be tipped directly into the Trenn-Fix. 
Due to the length of the drum and the heart of the machine, the patented knife, the sausages are separated as they pass through. The knives catch the sausages exactly at the twist-off point and the weight of the sausages separates them reliably.

The length of the drum has another advantage. This is because the Trenn-Fix automatically serves as a buffer, regardless of whether it is filled manually or via a conveyor belt. In this case, the operator can still carry out other work - e.g., wagon replacement, etc. This buffer is a particularly important aspect when, after the Trenn-Fix, the separated sausages are transported via a conveyor belt, e.g. to the packaging machine, where they are inserted.

Since the throw-in and ejection were firmly connected to the machine as doors, the separation fix is even more safety and can be easily cleaned now. To do this, you can simply start the integrated cleaning program.

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