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Assistant "Wudu"

Guaranteed permanent water savings up to 95%.

The product will be cooled instead of being "watered".

The quality of the goods (color, taste) is maintained.

An Installation is possible in any room.

No cabin is needed.

The cooling time with the WUDU corresponds to the shower times.

wudu 1 Wagen, 4.JPG

Cooling instead of showering!

Water - never as valuable as it is today! Why is so much drinking water wasted in the companies and thoughtlessly emptied into the drain? It's time for the bright minds of the meat industry has move away from showering with high water consumption, to cool the products sustainably and environmentally consciously. Meanwhile there are machines they cool down the products by changing the physical state instead of conventional showers. As a result, millions of cubic meters of water can be saved.

After cooking, the cost of water is up to 60% of the total cost of water and wastewater. This is neither economical, nor environmentally friendly nor even sustainable. This makes it all more important to permanently reduce these costs in order to remain competitive. Our "WUDU" provides a great help in reducing these costs, with a water saving up to 95% when cooling the sausage.

While conventional sausage showers pour tons of drinking water over the products to cool them, "WUDU" works with a patented principle for sausage cooling. Microfine mist is sprayed from two-substance atomizer nozzles, which settles on the products to be cooled and evaporates. Cooling at product level is possible with the new control program, so the WuDu sprays or cools for example only the product, not the room.

You can not only cool down sausages with the "WUDU", you can also cool down large-caliber cold cuts, meat cheese, roast or cooked ham, also in shapes. The products retain their stable color - have a very low weight loss - up to approx. 2% compared to the conventional process - and the valuable aromas are retained in the product.

As an optional extra, you will receive our "WUDU" for adding edible acids. Due to the low water consumption, you have the opportunity to continuously add edible acids. The edible acid is added in the last shower process.

Call us and compare the advantages of our "WUDU" with your conventional sausage shower at a demonstration appointment. We are sure you no longer want to do without „WUDU“.

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